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FCSP Welcomes You


Welcome to the home of the Friends of Connecticut State Parks, Inc. FCSP is an all-volunteer organization, which was formed in 1994 in partnership with the Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection, DEP, and the Connecticut Forest and Park Association, CFPA, by members of seven nonprofit advocacy groups, each dedicated to the preservation and enhancement of a single State park in Connecticut.



Our mission is to support the Connecticut state parks, forests and conservation areas through education, advocacy, and public awareness, to protect and preserve Connecticut’s great legacy of natural resources and historical treasures.

Strategic Goals


Since our inception, we have helped support the formation of 15 independent park Friends organizations bringing the statewide coalition of Friends to a total of 23 volunteer organizations.

Held a fundraising gala at the governor’s mansion in 1996.

Held a reception and information session about parks & FCSP at the capitol in 1997.

Funded printing of 100,000 trail maps for distribution in State parks.

Provided funding for information kiosks which were built by inmates at Gates Correctional Institution.

We commissioned the first comprehensive, full color guide and history of the Connecticut State Park System, A Shared Landscape, by Joseph Leary. The book continues to be a best seller among Connecticut’s outdoor enthusiasts.

Created a “Friends Handbook,” to assist fledgling park support groups to become private, non-profit Friends organizations.

In 1997, the FCSP spearheaded the development of the State Park Infrastructure Program or “2010 Plan” formulated to return the deteriorating Connecticut State Park system to its former glory. The FCSP, in cooperation with a bipartisan group of legislators, secured $114 M in capital funding to invest in, and improve the CT State Park Infrastructure over a period of twelve years.

Sponsored a statewide Friends workshop to help State Park Friends Organizations better understand how the CT Legislative process works.

Held a Legislative Breakfast and information session in 2005 at the State Legislative Office Building to inform lawmakers about the state of the State parks.

Hold annual meetings with all members of the Friends group coalition to share the successes of each individual Friends group and define the goals for the upcoming year.

Participated in the 2001 and 2009 Northeast State Park Directors Conferences which were hosted by the CT State Parks Division.  The conferences highlighted the close partnership between the State Park Division and the FCSP.

Served as an active partner in the development of CT Department of Environmental Protection’s “No Child Left Inside Program” and “The Great Park Pursuit.”

In 2010, successfully held park fees to a 33% increase, down from a proposed 100% increase in all park fees.

Conducted a seminar on Volunteerism as part of the State Park Division’s 2010 State Park Supervisor Workshop.

Assisted the CT State Parks Division in the application and award of grants from Macy’s and The CT Trust for Historic Properties. 



Expand the Friends’ CT State Parks Program

Stimulate funding sufficient for State Parks’ Needs

Improve the Quality of our State Parks